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The history of the Zhlobin State Metallurgical College, as the Zhlobin Metallurgical College, began in 1996 and is closely connected with the history of the creation of the first large-scale metallurgical production in the Republic of Belarus, then still the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. The Belarusian Metallurgical Plant was built in the city of Zhlobin in a very short time with the involvement of foreign specialists (Austria, Italy) and was equipped with imported equipment. The plant produced its first products on October 15, 1984.

Specialists of the largest enterprises of the metallurgical industry of the Soviet Union were invited to work at the BMZ. Construction, start-up and further expansion of production at the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant accelerated the development of the city. In a short period of time, three residential microdistricts, schools, kindergartens, a hospital, a thermal power plant, shops, a palace of culture and other facilities were built. However, it became problematic to cover the need of BMZ for qualified personnel in metallurgy only due to the influx of labor from other regions, including as a result of the collapse of the USSR. It is for this reason that the need arose for training personnel in Zhlobin.

The first admission company took place in August-September 1996 and was completed on September 22, and on September 23 the first classes took place at the Zhlobin Metallurgical College. Students were admitted to the specialty "Metallurgical processes and material processing" in three specializations: "Steel-smelting production", "Rolling production", "Wire-rope production".
Simultaneously with the training sessions, which were held in the adapted camping premises and rented classrooms of PTU-143, the design and construction of a new technical school building began.

On October 30, 1998, the technical school celebrated its housewarming. On this day, the director of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian Metallurgical Plant" Yuri Vasilievich FEOKTISTOV handed over a symbolic key to the new building to the director of the technical school BARELKO Sergei Konstantinovich.

Since 2001, the technical school has expanded the list of specialties for which training is being conducted: the specialty “Equipment of metallurgical enterprises” has been opened, recruitment for which has been carried out in full-time and evening forms of education. In 2002, training was opened in the specialties "Technical operation of technological equipment and robotics in automated production."

Huge work on the formation of the educational institution, improvement of the educational and material base, selection and placement of personnel was carried out by the director of BARELKO Sergey Konstantinovich, the deputy director for educational work MIKHAILOVA Alexandra Alexandrovna, for economic work KUCHERENKO Pavel Ivanovich, the chief accountant NIKITINA Lyudmila Mikhailovna.

In September 2011, the State Institution "Zhlobin Metallurgical College" was renamed the Educational Institution "Zhlobin State Metallurgical College"

Now the college is a modern educational institution that uses the latest teaching technologies. The leadership of the college today, like 24 years ago, sets itself the task of educating new professional personnel, contributing to the development of one of the most important industries - metallurgical.

Material base

Today the college is located in a four-story brick building, designed for 720 students. The building includes an educational and social building.

To ensure the educational process in the college, 30 classrooms and laboratories, 4 workshops, a library with a reading room for 150 seats, a health center, an assembly hall for 300 seats, a canteen for 150 seats with a buffet for 28 seats have been created.

All classrooms are equipped with modern technical teaching aids and the necessary laboratory equipment that allows you to conduct classes at a high level, in accordance with the requirements of state standards.

Upholstered furniture, a lot of fresh flowers, colorfully designed information stands, reflecting the life of our educational institution, are installed in the lobby and halls.

A gym, a gymnasium, a room for technical creativity, two rehearsal rooms, a dance hall, and a shooting gallery are at the disposal of students and staff.

Workplaces of teachers and staff are equipped with modern computers. The college has 3 computer labs. All computers are connected to a local network, there is Internet access.

The development of the material base does not stand still: the college acquires new laboratory equipment, modern computers and modern multimedia equipment.

17 June 2024 21:00
Подписано новое соглашение о сотрудничестве между БНТУ и ХТИ
Сегодня, 17 июня, в БНТУ прошла встреча с представителями Хунаньского технологического института. Итогом переговоров стало подписание нового соглашения о сотрудничестве между БНТУ и ХТИ.
17 June 2024 16:05
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МИПК и ПК БНТУ представил свои образовательные программы подготовки, переподготовки, повышения квалификации для руководителей и специалистов, отвечающих за инженерно-техническую безопасность на предприятиях и в организациях.
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Полезные ресурсы для абитуриентов
О полезных ресурсах, которые помогут абитуриенту не потеряться во множестве ссылок и статей.
14 June 2024 9:01
Профилактика со студентами ИПФ и ФТК
Для студентов ИПФ и ФТК была организована встреча с представителями инспекции ДПС ОГАИ Советского района г. Минска майором милиции Дмитрием Николаевичем Картель и старшим лейтенантом Ириной Игоревной Бурлаевой.
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