The BNTU nutrition center performs an important social function - catering for students of the largest technical university in Belarus - BNTU.

This activity requires strict observance of sanitary standards of production and the sale of products with a high level of quality and consumer properties, in a wide range.

Every day, over 7 thousand people are served by the University's catering facilities, including 400 cadets of the Military Technical Faculty. The canteen menu and assortment of buffets is updated daily. The most requested items are on sale every day.

The university has developed a system of catering for young students and faculty, which makes it possible to ensure the availability of public catering services for all categories of workers and students. To do this, the Food Center has canteens, buffets, kiosks and a culinary shop.

The outlets of the Food Center offer a wide range of salads, first and hot courses, confectionery and culinary products.

Delivery of products to buffets and kiosks is carried out by specialized transport along developed routes.

Food points BNTU

Organization of special events in the banquet hall of the dining room No. 2 (Minsk, Ya. Kolas st., 18)

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Ya. Kolаsa, 18, room. 100
Working time
8:15 – 17:30
+375 (17) 357-70-64
All contacts
12 April 2024 20:51
Олимпиада по английскому языку
Кафедра «Английский язык № 1» анонсирует проведение олимпиады по английскому языку.
12 April 2024 20:15
Гиревики БНТУ вновь на международной арене
С 4 по 7 апреля в г. Казань состоялся открытый Кубок стран СНГ – международные соревнования «Мемориал Николая Жеребцова» по гиревому спорту, в котором приняла участие сборная команда Республики Беларусь.
12 April 2024 20:01
Представители БНТУ приняли участие в Республиканской акции «Аднавiм лясы разам»
Вчера, 11 апреля, представители БНТУ приняли участие в Республиканской акции «Аднавiм лясы разам» на территории Вилейского опытного лесхоза.
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15 March 2024 17:17
Program for the BNTU Open Day on March 23, 2024
Program for the BNTU Open Day on March 23, 2024
27 November 2023 8:18
Conversation club: Let's speak Russian!
The main goal of the conversation club is communication in Russian. In an informal setting you will be able to: Diversify your language learning Improve your speaking skills Have fun and useful time.
Кафедра белорусского и русского языков
19 June 2023 15:47
Testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language
The State Educational Establishment «Republican Institute of Higher Education» informs that foreign citizens can pass certification testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language.
Факультет международного сотрудничества
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