Composition of the planning and economic department of BNTU

Head of Department:

Taratun Galina Viktorovna, tel. +375 (17) 276 75 25 (room 319 main building)

Deputy Head of Department:

Znovets Nikolay Kirillovich tel. +375 (17) 322 77 13 (room 319 main building)


Staffing and wages sector


Head of Sector

Vasilevskaya Inessa Eduardovna 

Chapter 315 bldg.
292 74 86


Lead Economist

Dvoretskaya Natalia Valentinovna

Chapter 315 bldg.
293 91 68


Economist 1st qualification category

Yuzhik Irina Nikolaevna

Chapter 315 bldg.
293 95 88


Lead Economist

Fizer Tatyana Vyacheslavovna

chapter 344 bldg.
324 36 33




Lead Economist

Sadovskaya Olga Gennadievna

Chapter 319 bldg.
293 93 88


Economist 1st quarter categories

Kuptsova Olga Mikhailovna

chapter 344 bldg.
293 92 29


Economist 2nd category

Shlyakhta Danil Mikhailovich

chapter 344 bldg.
293 92 29


Economist 2nd quarter categories

Gritskevich Marina Yulyanovna

Chapter 319 bldg.
293 93 88

Working hours

8:15 – 17:30


Main activities of the division

Planning and economic management:

  • carries out work on economic planning of budgetary and extra-budgetary activities of BNTU, coordination of the activities of BNTU branches: colleges, institutes for advanced training and retraining of personnel regarding issues of planning their economic activities;
  • makes proposals for the development and implementation of current and long-term financial plans for the development of the BNTU complex;
  • carries out measures aimed at strengthening staffing and financial discipline, optimizing the structure and staffing levels of employees of the university’s structural divisions;
  • calculates in accordance with the norms and standards established by law: the staffing number of persons from among the teaching staff, other categories of workers supported by funds from the republican budget in the context of paragraphs of the budget classification, as well as the staffing number of all categories of university employees supported by extra-budgetary funds from income-generating activities in terms of funding sources;
  • forms the staffing table of BNTU. Monitors compliance with staff discipline, the correctness of establishing the names of workers' professions and employee positions, salaries, incentives and compensation payments to employees, establishing, in accordance with the ETKS and ECSD, categories of workers and categories of specialists;
  • coordinates the work of BNTU branches in terms of preparing calculations, forming and approving branch staffing tables;
  • carries out the calculation of the planned wage fund of BNTU in the context of paragraphs of the budget classification, including the amount of salaries, funds for incentive and compensation payments, as well as funds for one-time payments for health improvement and material assistance;
  • makes necessary changes to the staffing table of BNTU;
  • calculates the number of workers when inter-industry labor standards change for building maintenance work, sanitary maintenance of administrative and public buildings;
  • forms the staffing level of work teams;
  • exercises control over the distribution of planned funds for the establishment of incentive bonuses for BNTU employees;
  • plans the needs and forms BNTU budget projects for all programs, subprograms and paragraphs of the budget classification for the financial year including: higher education, science-oriented education, training for nuclear energy, general secondary education, etc.;
  • carries out calculations for the allocated volumes of financing in the budget estimates of expenditures for the financial year for all items of expenditure of the economic classification of the budget;
  • plans expenses for BNTU’s participation in international scientific and technical cooperation events;
  • prepares calculations and justification for making necessary changes and additions to budget cost estimates during the calendar year;
  • carries out calculations to determine the amounts of all types of scholarships for students, undergraduates and graduate students in accordance with current legislation; calculation of funds for establishing allowances for scholarships and providing financial assistance to students at BNTU, analysis and control of their expenditure;
  • carries out calculations of the reduced number of all categories of BNTU students;
  • draws up individual estimates of income and expenses of extra-budgetary funds of the university for each source of income established by the classification of budget income; forms consolidated estimates of income and expenses of extra-budgetary funds for BNTU as a whole, taking into account branches and calculations for them;
  • conducts an analysis of the execution of estimates of income and expenses by funding sources, makes changes and clarifications to the estimates of income and expenses of extra-budgetary funds, coordinates the work of BNTU branches and structural divisions on the preparation of draft estimates of income and expenses of extra-budgetary funds;
  • prepares periodic and one-time financial reporting to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, other government bodies, as well as statistical reporting;
  • carries out analysis and control of the targeted expenditure of funds from the republican budget and extra-budgetary funds from income-generating activities in all areas;
  • coordinates work to comply with legislative requirements on pricing for all types of services provided by BNTU on a paid basis;
  • prepares an economic justification (calculation) of the cost of tuition for students, undergraduates, graduate students, including students from among foreign citizens. Monitors and analyzes prices for paid training for all forms of training;
  • carries out price calculations for all types of paid services provided by BNTU: calculation of the cost of paid educational services in courses for the study of foreign languages, preparatory courses for admission to BNTU, preparatory courses for admission to the BNTU Lyceum, calculation of the cost of living in campus dormitories, calculation of the cost of paid transport services, prices for sanatorium-resort and health-improving vouchers to the student sanatorium-preventorium of BNTU "Polytechnic";
  • carries out an analysis of the economic indicators of the structural divisions of the university: the Institute of Integrated Forms of Learning and Education Monitoring, the International Institute of Distance Education, the Confucius Institute for Science and Technology of the BNTU, the student sanatorium-preventorium of the BNTU "Polytechnic", the nutrition center of the BNTU, etc.;
  • prepares economic calculations for various events including international and national scientific and practical forums, conferences, competitions;
  • plans cost estimates for BNTU’s participation in various cultural and sports events within the framework of republican student sports competitions;
  • calculates the amount of expenses for technical maintenance, operation, repair, and sanitary maintenance of BNTU real estate to reimburse these expenses by tenants;
  • carries out a comprehensive analysis of the financial and economic activities of BNTU and its separate divisions and branches;
  • develops measures aimed at increasing the profitability of services provided and introducing new types and areas of extra-budgetary activities of the university.
220013, Minsk, Independence Ave., 65, room 319
Working time
8:15 – 17:30
+375 (17) 276-75-25
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17 June 2024 21:00
Подписано новое соглашение о сотрудничестве между БНТУ и ХТИ
Сегодня, 17 июня, в БНТУ прошла встреча с представителями Хунаньского технологического института. Итогом переговоров стало подписание нового соглашения о сотрудничестве между БНТУ и ХТИ.
17 June 2024 16:05
Об участии МИПК и ПК БНТУ в международной выставке-форуме «Центр безопасности – 2024»
МИПК и ПК БНТУ представил свои образовательные программы подготовки, переподготовки, повышения квалификации для руководителей и специалистов, отвечающих за инженерно-техническую безопасность на предприятиях и в организациях.
15 June 2024 20:00
БНТУ на «Бу!Кидс-2024»
Сегодня, 15 июня, в ботаническом саду стартовал семейный фестиваль профессий «Бу!Кидс». Белорусский национальный технический университет традиционно принимает участие в мероприятии.
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26 April 2024 11:06
REGULATIONS on holding the Mathematics Olympiad at the Belarusian National Technical University
The Mathematics Olympiad at BNTU in 2024 is held on the basis of the “Higher Mathematics” department of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Robotics on the basis of the order of the BNTU Rector to hold the Mathematics Olympiad. The general management of the organization and conduct of the Olympiad is carried out by the head of the Department of Higher Mathematics. The purpose of the Olympiad: to activate creative abilities, stimulate students’ activity in studying mathematics, create a student team to participate in republican and international olympiads in mathematics, exchange of experience on methods of teaching mathematics, identification of students capable of engaging in research activities.
27 November 2023 8:18
Conversation club: Let's speak Russian!
The main goal of the conversation club is communication in Russian. In an informal setting you will be able to: Diversify your language learning Improve your speaking skills Have fun and useful time.
Кафедра белорусского и русского языков
19 June 2023 15:47
Testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language
The State Educational Establishment «Republican Institute of Higher Education» informs that foreign citizens can pass certification testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language.
Факультет международного сотрудничества
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