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The Faculty of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship at BNTU is the only Faculty of Economics in the Republic of Belarus, where students study the basics of engineering and design and technological support for production along with economics, management, marketing, and foreign languages. The combination of economic, engineering and language training provides graduates with a consistently high demand in the graduate market.

The Faculty of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship

Today, FMME has received even more opportunities to provide not only modern education, but also additional opportunities that significantly increase the competitiveness of graduates.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida (Germany) there are double degree programs. Students have the opportunity to receive two diplomas at once: a diploma from BNTU + a diploma from the University of Applied Sciences.

Our advantages

  • Professional training program in English, Chinese, German throughout the whole period of study (4 years)
  • We were first to launch the specialities “Business Administration” and “Management of Innovative Projects of Industrial Enterprises”
  • FMME is the only faculty in the country which trains undergraduates in the speciality "Economics" with profilisation "Innovative development and business analysis"
  • FMME has a specialized laboratory for 3D modeling and prototyping, in which students apply theoretical knowledge in practice
  • There is a scientific center "Business-marketing-innovations", where research is carried out on the tasks of the state program and the requests of private companies 

We would like our students to apply their knowledge in their future profession. To this end, students start studying practical profile subjects in their first year; meetings are organized with potential employers; master classes are held by the heads of IT companies, banks, digital agencies, etc.

twenty %

graduates in 2–4 years after receiving a diploma move to the middle and higher levels of management

4 years

study of a foreign language of choice: Chinese, German, English

100 %

hostel provision


students are employed part-time

Prasp. Niezaliežnasci 67, Minsk, Minsk Region, 220013, Republic of Belarus
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8:15 – 17:30
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15 May 2024 20:49
Диалоговая площадка «Всебелорусское народное собрание – гарант стабильности, суверенности и развития» в БНТУ
В открытом диалоге приняли участие депутат Минского городского Совета депутатов, делегат ВНС Светлана Пашкова и студенты ФММП.
10 May 2024 11:21
«Жалею, что не поехала раньше». Студенты ФММП о Профилаке
Интервью со студентами третьего курса кафедры «Маркетинг», посетившими санаторий-профилакторий БНТУ «Политехник».
6 May 2024 16:47
Студентка ФММП заняла третье место в международном конкурсе эссе XIV Евразийского экономического форума молодежи
На базе БГЭУ 25 апреля состоялась торжественная церемония награждения победителей конкурса «Современные тенденции экономического развития мира».
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