ХII Republican competition of scientific and technical creativity of young students "Technointelligence"

Date: March 15-17, 2023

Venue: Minsk, Independence Ave., 65.

Organizers of the competition: BNTU, Institute of Integrated Forms of Education and Education Monitoring BNTU.


Contact phones: 2902381, 2927095, tel./fax 2925322,

E–mail: iifomobntu@bntu.by .


The competition is held with the aim of creating and developing effective forms of research education, involving young people in the professional pursuit of science.

Participants of the competition: students of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus of 10-11 grades of institutions of general secondary education, graduates and students of the previous year before graduation of institutions of vocational education, secondary specialized education


  • Section 1. Technical design.
  • Section 2. Energy and electrical engineering. Energy Saving Technologies.
  • Section 3. Ecology and rational nature management.
  • Section 4. Modern and advanced materials.
  • Section 5. Robotics, automation, intelligent systems.
  • Section 6. Radio electronics.
  • Section 7. Information systems and technologies.
  • Section 8. Multimedia technologies.
  • Section 9. Aviation, astronautics and aerospace engineering.
  • Section 10. Architectural drawing. Creative work on the theme "My city".
  • Section 11. Color in architecture. Creative work on the theme "Colors of May Radzima".
  • Section 12. Composition. Creative work on the theme "City of the Future".
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19 January 2023 11:53
Dear Colleagues!
As part of the participation of the Republic of Belarus in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, we inform you about the possibility of participating in events held on the territory of the Republic of India
Факультет международного сотрудничества
19 January 2023 9:27
Dear students!
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is organizing the SCO Youth Conference on March 13, 2023
Факультет международного сотрудничества
29 November 2022 9:55
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