Scientific activity

Teachers of the department are working on the topic:

  • GB21 - 221 "Formation of the educational environment for the implementation of distance learning in the system of continuing education" Modern School - Technical University "

Work on the theme began in 2021.

As a result of research work, the staff of the department is tasked with developing the concept of an information and educational environment, a model of distance learning in subjects of natural science and creative orientation.

The teachers of the department develop distance learning educational programs for the preparatory department and preparatory courses. Individual assignments are being developed and tested for students of IIFEME, combining educational material in the disciplines of secondary and higher education into an integral system that ensures the continuity of the content, methods and forms of education; adapted and introduced into the educational process in the field of pre-university training various forms of work to develop the creative abilities of students (conducting subject Olympiads, creative competitions, disputes, creative reports); the following pedagogical technologies have been introduced: project technology, computer technologies, problem-based learning technologies, student-centered technologies, game learning technologies.

As part of the educational, methodological and research activities, the staff of the department compiled tasks for diagnostic testing of students in educational institutions and monitoring the knowledge of students 1-2; a system of extracurricular activities was organized, bringing the school organization of educational activities as close as possible to the university one. The forms of education, the activities of the teacher, the construction of educational material in the classroom during the academic year are built taking into account successive complication. Also, the teachers developed and introduced into the educational process a course of adaptation classes with 1st year students in physics, mathematics, chemistry and drawing. The purpose of the classes is to help students adapt to the learning process at the university and systematize school knowledge in basic subjects.

The results of the research are heard and discussed at international scientific and technical conferences, including at the international scientific and technical conference of the BNTU "Science - education, production, economics", the international scientific and methodological conference "Modern education: continuity and continuity of the educational system School-University", as well as in the practice of the Republican scientific and methodological seminar: "Pedagogical innovations in teaching the block of natural sciences", in the practice of the educational process in state educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

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26 April 2024 11:06
REGULATIONS on holding the Mathematics Olympiad at the Belarusian National Technical University
The Mathematics Olympiad at BNTU in 2024 is held on the basis of the “Higher Mathematics” department of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Robotics on the basis of the order of the BNTU Rector to hold the Mathematics Olympiad. The general management of the organization and conduct of the Olympiad is carried out by the head of the Department of Higher Mathematics. The purpose of the Olympiad: to activate creative abilities, stimulate students’ activity in studying mathematics, create a student team to participate in republican and international olympiads in mathematics, exchange of experience on methods of teaching mathematics, identification of students capable of engaging in research activities.
27 November 2023 8:18
Conversation club: Let's speak Russian!
The main goal of the conversation club is communication in Russian. In an informal setting you will be able to: Diversify your language learning Improve your speaking skills Have fun and useful time.
Кафедра белорусского и русского языков
19 June 2023 15:47
Testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language
The State Educational Establishment «Republican Institute of Higher Education» informs that foreign citizens can pass certification testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language.
Факультет международного сотрудничества
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