School of young architects and designers

Do you want to become an architect? Do you want to become a designer?

The School of Young Architects and Designers is a practical course for students who want to broaden their horizons and learn the basics of architecture and design.

The task of the school of young architects and designers is to develop the natural creative abilities of the child, his associative, spatial and design thinking.

The training program at the School of Young Architects and Designers is aimed at preparing potential applicants who are focused on obtaining an architectural education, the creative development of the personality of schoolchildren, and introducing them to the national culture.


  • architectural and design design;
  • basics of volume-spatial composition;
  • basics of modeling and prototyping;
  • drawing, painting, coloring;
  • issues of art history, design and architecture;

The school accepts students in grades 6-10

Classes at the School are conducted by highly qualified teachers from among the teaching staff of BNTU.

After successfully mastering the curriculum, school students are issued a certificate of additional education for children and youth on the grounds established by the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education.

Album of graduates of the sixth edition of the school

Album of graduates of the seventh edition of the school

Classes once a week (4 academic hours).

Training is paid.

Accepting applications from December 26, 2022 to January 3, 2023

Beginning of classes from January 9, 2023 to May 31, 2023.

You can find additional information about the school and tuition fees at the following phone numbers or address:


Address: Minsk, Independence Ave., 65, educational building No. 3 (BNTU), office. 211
Tel. +375 17 293-91-60

Choose a specialty!
26 April 2024 11:06
REGULATIONS on holding the Mathematics Olympiad at the Belarusian National Technical University
The Mathematics Olympiad at BNTU in 2024 is held on the basis of the “Higher Mathematics” department of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Robotics on the basis of the order of the BNTU Rector to hold the Mathematics Olympiad. The general management of the organization and conduct of the Olympiad is carried out by the head of the Department of Higher Mathematics. The purpose of the Olympiad: to activate creative abilities, stimulate students’ activity in studying mathematics, create a student team to participate in republican and international olympiads in mathematics, exchange of experience on methods of teaching mathematics, identification of students capable of engaging in research activities.
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Conversation club: Let's speak Russian!
The main goal of the conversation club is communication in Russian. In an informal setting you will be able to: Diversify your language learning Improve your speaking skills Have fun and useful time.
Кафедра белорусского и русского языков
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Testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language
The State Educational Establishment «Republican Institute of Higher Education» informs that foreign citizens can pass certification testing in Russian as a foreign language and Belarusian as a foreign language.
Факультет международного сотрудничества
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