Parents of lyceum students


The administration of the Lyceum BNTU draws your attention to the fact that students of grades 10-11 must adhere to the business style of clothing (clause 50 of the State School Standard, approved by the Resolution of the Collegium of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus on May 10, 2022 No. 4.11).

Business style of clothing  is a strict, seasoned style of clothing designed for students to attend classes in educational institutions. A set of business style clothing should be multifunctional, hygienic, comfortable and in line with modern fashion trends. Shoes should also match the business attire.

Business style of clothing for lyceum students includes:

for boys -

  1. Business suit dark gray - black;
  2. Pants, jumper, vest dark gray - black;
  3. Plain shirt in light colors;

for girls -

  1. Business suit dark gray - black;
  2. Skirt, dress, sundress, trousers, jumper, vest in dark gray-black;
  3. Blouse, shirt plain light colors. 

As an "emblem" students of the lyceum use a badge with the logo of the lyceum.


When attending classes, students are not allowed to:

  • sportswear and footwear intended for physical culture and sports;
  • things with bright, defiant drawings;
  • dirty, wrinkled (unkempt) and other clothes not intended for visiting an educational institution;
  • outerwear and hats;
  • an abundance of jewelry, the presence of piercings, bright extravagant makeup and hair color, festive hairstyles and accessories that reflect the symbols of musical groups and various areas of youth subculture and sports clubs.

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus/Business dress code 

Take care of children! 

The destructive type of behavior is a deviation from the generally accepted norms of behavior and morality and is destructive in nature. Destruction affects all spheres of human life: health, relationships with friends, socialization, etc. The destructive model is typical for 89% of people on the planet and manifests itself in difficult, turning points in life. But most often, such a disorder is typical for adolescents who, due to their transitional age and a number of other reasons, are amenable to such behavior. In order to understand how to deal with such a problem, you need to identify what caused this behavior. Having understood this, it is possible to cope with destructiveness without difficulty and outside help.

Causes of disruptive behavior among teenagers

Problems and conflicts in the family (divorce, domestic violence, violation of communication with loved ones, family).

Relationships between children and parents, unfortunately, are not always built on the foundation of open, completely sincere relationships, which are reliable protection against many of the harsh tests that teenagers face in our time. Destructive behavior is a desperate call for help, as the last attempt to draw the attention of parents to their problems, to break through the wall of misunderstanding between the younger and older generations.

Conflicts in communication with friends, problems at school  are usually associated with poor academic performance or poor relations with teachers or the class. These problems are usually not the direct cause, but they lead to a decrease in the overall self-esteem of adolescents, the appearance of a feeling of insignificance of their personality, to a sharp decrease in resistance to stress and exposure to the negative influence of the environment.

Unhappy love. Due to constant conflicts with parents and lack of mutual understanding, as a compensation for bad relationships in the family, dependence on peers, especially of the opposite sex, arises. In this case, it often happens that the relationship with a friend or girlfriend becomes so significant and emotionally necessary that any cooling in affection, and even more betrayal, is perceived as an irreparable loss that deprives the future of life of meaning.

The main reason for the appearance of children with destructive behavior is the inability of parents to effectively raise their children, the lack of knowledge of parents about how to raise them, excessive employment of parents, lack of control on their part, frequent conflicts in the family, unwillingness to engage in full-fledged upbringing of children, authoritarian upbringing (excessive control and prohibitions on the part of parents.)

The advice to parents is simple: “Love your children, be sincere and honest in your attitude towards your children and towards yourself. Pay attention to the child's emotional state. Communicate, discuss problems, teach them how to solve them and inspire optimism. If you can't cope on your own, feel unwell in the social, emotional sphere of your child, do not hesitate to seek help. Do not rely on time, that everything will pass by itself and get better. Be vigilant. Cultivate teenagers with a positive outlook on all aspects of life, involve teenagers in useful activities. A teenager should remember that in a difficult life situation he can turn to people he trusts, first of all, to his parents. Be attentive to the child!



  1. Training sessions start at 8.30. Students come to class at 8:20.
  2. Each lyceum student is obliged to strictly comply with the requirements of members of the lyceum administration, specialists, teachers; observe discipline during training sessions and breaks.
  3. Missing classes without a good reason is not allowed. A good reason is confirmed by a certificate from a doctor, a summons to the military registration and enlistment office, a statement from the parents addressed to the director of the lyceum.
  4. The form of clothing, shoes of the lyceum student must correspond to the business style. Hairstyles of lyceum students should be neat.
  5. The presence of mustaches and beards in young men is prohibited.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in the lyceum and in the adjacent territory.
  7. It is forbidden to use profanity in the Lyceum.
  8. It is forbidden to use headphones in the lyceum.
  9. Mobile phones are used during class only with the permission of the teacher.

LIST of required documents for issuing a one-time allowance for a schoolchild from a large family

  1. Application of parents addressed to the director of the lyceum (the form is filled in at the lyceum).
  2. A copy of the banking agreement of JSC "ASB Belarusbank".
  3. An extract from the personal account on the composition of the family.
  4. A copy of the certificate of a large family.

LIST of required documents for registration of free meals *

  1. Application of parents addressed to the director of the lyceum (the form is filled in at the lyceum)
  2. A copy of the certificate of a large family or certificate of a disabled person
  3. Information about the place of residence and family composition


  • students from large families;
  • students with disabilities;
  • students whose parents are disabled 1, 2 groups;
  • students from low-income families receiving benefits:
  • students living in rural areas.
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