BNTU in the final of the competition of national cultures, creativity and beauty "Grace International" in Vitebsk

БНТУ в финале конкурса национальных культур, творчества и красоты «Грация International» в Витебске

On Friday, March 29, 2024, Vitebsk hosted one of the country's most colorful international events – the open competition of national cultures, creativity and beauty "Grace International".One of the ten finalists was a third-year student of the Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics Aizhamal Bayamanova. We talked with the girl and found out what it was like to be a participant in such a large–scale event.

It  happened so, that traditionally girls from Belarus, Russia, China, Venezuela, Sri Lanka take part in the "Grace International" competition. However, in 2024, for the first time, contestants from Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Kyrgyzstan competed for the crown. Among the "pioneers" was Kyrgyz Aizhamal, who was awarded the title of "Miss Photo".

– I participated in the competition for the first time and, of course, I was worried. Participation in “Grace International – 2024” is a great honor for me, because this is an opportunity to represent the country, traditions and art of my people. The fifth open competition of national cultures, creativity and beauty is an interesting and vibrant event, which allowed me not only to express myself and introduce event participants to my native Kyrgyzstan, but also to learn about other cultures, their history, way of life and traditions.

During the event, the participants had to pass several tests: present cooked national dishes, show their oratorical skills, demonstrate beauty and charisma through creativity and fashion shows. In their creative performance, Aizhamal, along with friends Artur Dmitriev and Rostislav Barsuk, presented the Kyrgyz national dance, the movements of which symbolize the national game kyz kuumai. In the cuisine competition, the girl treated honorary members of the jury and guests of the event with beshbarmak, boorsok, chak-chak, samsa, as well as such national drinks as maksim and chalap. Many of the ingredients for the selected dishes were sent to the girl by her parents directly from Kyrgyzstan.

– What did you find the most difficult?

– During the final contest, a lot of thoughts flew through my head, I simultaneously felt terrible excitement and sincere pleasure from what was happening. The BNTU support team helped me get rid of anxious thoughts: when I heard them clapping loudly and chanting my name, the excitement receded, and I felt a surge of strength.

Aizhamal also admitted that despite her excitement and fears, she received a lot of positive emotions, recognition and support from her compatriots, found new acquaintances, and realized in which direction she wanted to develop. All of the above helped her to enter the top three in online voting, becoming the first among foreign participants.

– There is an opinion that at such contests the atmosphere among the finalists is not the most favorable because of the great competition. Is it true?

– During the preparation, the atmosphere in the team was healthy and friendly, so I can say with confidence that this is a myth. I would like to note the excellent preparation of all the participants, their professional approach to passing the tests and the ability to sincerely support each other.

– Who deserves special thanks from you?

My supervisor, Alexandra Zharkevich, a student of my faculty, provided great help and support at all stages, for which I am immensely grateful to her.Many thanks also to the Dean's office of the Faculty of International Cooperation, namely specialist Ekaterina Viktorovna Lazuko. She was constantly in touch with me and tried to solve all organizational issues promptly. Of course, I would like to thank the management of my beloved university for providing such a wonderful opportunity to participate in the competition “Grace International 2024”.

Finally, Aizhamal noted that if she had been offered to turn back time with the opportunity to refuse to participate in the competition, she would never have done it.

– Never be afraid of anything, overcome your fears. Without a doubt, use any opportunity to express yourself and get a new useful experience. Participation in this competition also gave me the opportunity to make new interesting acquaintances, and perhaps some of them in the future will help me establish friendly and business ties to solve future professional tasks," the girl added.

We thank Aizhamal for the interview and wish her success in her further creative and academic activities.

Автор материала: Арина Колесова, пресс-служба Медиацентра БНТУ
Фото: из архивов

Content available under licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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