BNTU – the choice of the best: the sixteenth story

БНТУ – выбор лучших: история шестнадцатая

In the new material of the heading, Vladislav Shpilevsky, a first-year student of the automotive tractor Faculty, tells about himself. 

The young man began to be interested in science and technology long before he entered the university. The hobbies that later led Vlad to the National Children's Technopark, he took over from his father and grandfather. Thanks to his efforts and successful studies, on the recommendation of the supervisory board of the technopark, the future Polytechnic student enrolled in the specialty "cars, tractors, mobile and technological complexes. Computer-aided design of cars". 

I started thinking about entering BNTU after I won the International Competition of scientific and technical creativity of students "Technointellect", in the section "Technical design". I really liked the atmosphere of this educational institution, and even then I began to dream about studying here. 

– What achievements, besides winning the “Techno Intelligence” competition, are you particularly proud of?

At the moment, the most significant event in my life is that I got to the top ten graduates of the Republic of Belarus in 2023. In addition, I am the winner of the contest of scientific and technical creativity of students of the Union State "Talents of the XXI century" and a finalist of the International competition of original business ideas EnCobi. Thanks to my qualities such as diligence and curiosity, I managed to win almost all the contests in which I took part.

Success in scientific projects pursues Vlad constantly. For example, not so long ago, the final of the republican contest "100 ideas for Belarus" was held in Minsk, during which the winners of the project were honored. Vladislav's Hydrogen Engine project won in the nomination "Energy, including nuclear Energy, and Energy Efficiency".

– What is the essence of your invention?

I started developing the Hydrogen Engine project in 2019.  With my innovation, I prove that any internal combustion engine can be switched to hydrogen operation. In general, a hydrogen installation on a car is an excellent example of technological progress and readiness of humanity for environmental development. Now we can be sure that the ecological future of our planet will be preserved, and the use of a car will become safer and more economical.

For the first time, the young man launched a working installation of his invention in 2021, a motorcycle with a hydrogen engine in 2022, and a year later the upgraded engine was installed by Vlad on a go–kart. The student does not like to share his future plans for his inventive activity, because he believes that it is better to show the result than to talk about intentions. 

In addition to science, Vladislav manifests himself in the cultural and social life of the university. The student participates in events from BNTU youth organizations: "BRYU", the primary trade union organization of students and the BNTU Student council.

The guy sees a successful future and the realization of his goals in the versatile development. 

A real student, as I try to be, should always go forward and never give up. This is what makes it possible to achieve great heights and open up new and new prospects. I always say,"Further, and more!"

We thank Vladislav for the interview and wish him new achievements!

Автор материала: Валерия Баранова, пресс-служба Медиацентра БНТУ
Фото: из архивов

Content available under licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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