VIII Открытая с международным участием научно-практическая конференция «Шаг в науку» в СГГХК

In the branch of BNTU “Soligorsk State Mining and Chemical College”, in the framework of supporting creative youth initiatives, the VIII scientific and practical conference “Step into Science”, open with international participation, was held. It has become a multifaceted event demonstrating the intellectual and creative abilities of students. In 2024, the conference is dedicated to the Year of Quality and timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.
In total, 22 works were submitted for participation in the scientific and practical conference in the areas of “Engineering and Technology”, “Energy and Construction”, “Language and Intercultural Communications”, “Information Technologies”, “Natural and Mathematical Sciences”, “Social Sciences and Humanities” ", "Electronics", "Preservation of historical memory, events and heroes of the Great Patriotic War." 
The conference was attended by the most active members of interest groups, students who show abilities in modeling, design, modernization in solving technical problems, and who have a penchant for research and experimental activities under the guidance of experienced teachers. 
The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of technical creativity of students.
Students of the branch of BNTU "Soligorsk State Mining and Chemical College" and students of the educational institution "Soligorsk State College" made presentations at the conference. 
Students from educational institutions of the Russian Federation participated in the conference in absentia.
The best projects with new rationalization ideas and current technical solutions are related to the future professional activities of students. 
Future specialists understand that the digital economy requires a modern graduate to possess digital competencies. Therefore, the practical part of the “Digital 3D Modeling” project was the models created by the author for practical classes in the subject “Engineering Graphics”. The projects “Digitalization in the field of energy” and “Energy based on wind power” indicate that both Belarusian and Russian students are interested in current problems of energy security, including through renewable sources. 
Students consider both pressing issues (“Use of diesel trolley trucks in Arctic quarries. Comparative characteristics of the BELAZ-7530D and BELAZ-7530E diesel trolley truck. Choosing the most optimal type of transport for quarry work”), and issues of the distant future (“Mining minerals in space", "Prospects for neurotypes in the modern world").
The works “Hydrogen as a fuel”, “Non-Newtonian liquid”, “Electrical wiring in an apartment”, “Development of mental and creative abilities of students through papercraft”, “Wise thoughts in a new way” were marked with a practical orientation.
Problems that concern young people are revealed in the works “The outflow of young people from single-industry towns using the example of Apatity, Murmansk region”, “Language features of advertising texts”, “Assessment of labeling and nutritional value of food products in the Russian Federation”, “The impact of narcotic substances on the human body”.
Within the framework of the problem of preserving historical memory, events and heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the works “Theory of air warfare by Giulio DUE and the experience of using strategic aviation during the Second World War”, “Military equipment of the Great Patriotic War and its significance in victory”, “History” were presented Yurkevich family: we remember and are proud”, “My great-grandfather is a hero”. The students' performances were accompanied by a display of models of military equipment from the Great Patriotic War and military aircraft from the Second World War.
Students, under the guidance of experienced teachers, are already laying the foundation for their future work in the field of interest. 
The branch attaches special importance to the development of youth science and attracting students to research. And the international status of the conference helps unite students who are passionate about research, integrates knowledge and promotes science. 
A solemn ceremony honoring the winners and participants of the conference concluded the event.

Филиал БНТУ «Солигорский государственный горно-химический колледж»

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