In the center of innovations: BNTU at TIBO-2024

В эпицентре инноваций: БНТУ на «ТИБО-2024»

Today, June 5, the XXX International Forum and Exhibition on Information and Communication Technologies “TIBO-2024” started. One of the exhibitors of the event was traditionally BNTU.

For reference: TIBO is a unique platform for exchanging best practices in the field of information technology, analyzing the world's best practices in digital transformation and discussing the prospects for the effective use of the latest technological trends in traditional sectors of the economy.

In simple words, TIBO is a real epicenter of innovation, where today you can find the latest developments in all possible directions. The large-scale stands of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST), Beltelecom, MTS, Yandex and many others present not only current developments, but also completely breakthrough technologies of the digital future, which begins today.

It is important to note that the forum, which brings together technology and innovation, also serves as an educational platform where the latest achievements of educational institutions are presented. Thus, within the framework of the exhibition, the Belarusian National Technical University demonstrates student projects in the field of robotics, and also introduces visitors to the educational processes of the country's leading technical university.

The Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics, the Faculty of Transport Communications and the Faculty of Energy Construction were responsible for filling the Polytechnic stand. They also presented the following products today:

  • the combat robot Walter Black, which took part in the international competitions “Games of the Future” in Kazan;
  • the project -winner of the competition “100 ideas for Belarus” (nomination “Best Business Idea”) - CartON;
  • practice-oriented learning (training) system “Object-audience” in real time, etc.

When visiting the university stand, Minister of Education Andrei Ivanets noted that the works from BNTU students surprise with their way of movement, unusual wheel rotation and mechanization. In addition, Andrey Ivanovich talked with Daniil, a graduate of the National Children's Technopark, a student of BNTU.

In addition to BNTU students and employees, university graduates are working at the exhibition. For example, Dmitry Kamenko, a computer science teacher at secondary school No. 30 in Minsk, a graduate of BNTU, presents the work of his educational institution and a children's robotics club.

– At the exhibition I represent school No. 30 and my robotics club. What is it? In the club, my fourth and fifth grade students and I assemble and program the first robots. This way we introduce children to engineering, which they can continue in engineering classes. Starting next year they will operate in our school. By the way, I will undergo training for teachers of engineering classes at my native university, to which I plan to return in the future as a postgraduate student.

Continuing the issue of engineering classes, the projects developed by students of engineering classes were presented at the stand of Gymnasium No. 13 in Minsk.

– During the school year, the children attended engineering classes, some of which were held at BNTU. Applying the knowledge gained during the training, the students have developed projects that we are presenting at the forum today, – said Deputy Director Yulia Bakun.

An important event of the first day of the forum-exhibition was the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Belarusian National Technical University and Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics.Rector of  BNTU Sergei Kharytonchyk spoke about the significance of this event.

– Today we signed an agreement with Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics. This is an already well-known, historically formed team that trains qualified specialists in the relevant field. We have common points of contact that relate to the engineering sector, which is very nice, because here we can not only learn something, but also share. This partnership is based on the fact that we can participate in joint events, such as robot competitions, conferences, etc. I think our ties will expand, strengthen and gain strength.

We can talk about the exhibition exposition and the extensive program of TIBO for a long time, but it is better to see everything with your own eyes. The forum-exhibition will last until June 8, Pobediteley Avenue, 111A ("Minsk Arena"). You can attend the event from 10:00 to 18:00 on June 5–7 and from 10:00 to 15:00 on June 8.

Admission to the event is free with prior registration.

Автор материала: Ксения Половинко, пресс-служба Медиацентра БНТУ
Фото: Ариан Яздани Черати

Content available under licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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