A delegation from Midlands State University visited BNTU

Делегация Государственного университета Мидлендс посетила БНТУ

Yesterday, June 5, 2024, a meeting of the delegation of Midlands State University (Republic of Zimbabwe) with representatives of  Belarusian National Technical University took place in the Scientific and Technological Park of the BNTU "Polytechnic".

The foreign delegation included the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Administration of the University, Mtsebisi Mapkhosa, and the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Anthony Mamuse.

On behalf of BNTU, the meeting was attended by Deputy-Rector for Academic Affairs Yuriy Aleksandrovich Nikolaychik, Dean of the Faculty of Instrument Engineering Alexander Ivanovich Svistun, Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Engineering Ecology Andrey Andreevich Kologrivko, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sergey Nikolaevich Kovshar, Dean of Mechanical Technological Faculty Igor Arkadyevich Ivanov and Deputy Head of the Department of International Marketing of Educational Services and Work with Foreign Students of the Faculty of International Cooperation Veronika Ivanovna Lyutarevich.

Yuriy Nikolaychik  introduced the guests to  Belarusian National Technical University, its century-old history and mission, and spoke about the success of the university in training highly qualified specialists within the framework of the “University 3.0 program”. Members of the delegation also learned about the positions of BNTU in the world and national rankings of educational institutions.

The main topics of discussion were the areas of cooperation between universities in the field of international educational programs, the development of relationships based on already signed agreements between universities. In addition, the meeting discussed such issues as summer and winter schools, obtaining II and III levels of higher education at partner universities, developing the field of research and creating internships for teachers.

The plans of both sides include fruitful cooperation and continued active work in priority areas.

Автор материала: Арина Колесова, пресс-служба Медиацентра БНТУ
Фото: Евгений Тропашко

Content available under licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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