The primary trade union organization of BNTU students is among the best organizational structures of the trade union

ППО студентов БНТУ в числе лучших организационных структур профсоюза

Today, on June 11, a solemn ceremony of awarding the organizational structures of the trade union was held at the Republican Palace of Culture of Trade Unions following the results of the competition for the best arrangement of mass sports, physical culture and recreation work. The primary trade union organization of students of the Belarusian National Technical University took the first prize.

Those who made a significant contribution to the preparation and conduct of the 2024 election campaign, as well as events dedicated to Labor Day, were noted. Special attention was paid to the winners of the republican contests: the photo contest "80 years of peace", the review competition for the best mass sports work, the online project "100 questions to the chairman of the trade union".

Congratulations and we wish you further success and achievements in your work!

Пресс-служба Медиацентра БНТУ

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