Belarusian National Technical University is the leader of engineering education in the Republic of Belarus!

The history of BNTU began in 1920, when the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute was founded. The university has graduated more than 200 thousand specialists and is rightfully one of the largest and oldest universities in Belarus. Today it is the only university in the country that has the status of a national university.

We can say with full confidence that the majority of Belarusian products - residential complexes, bridges, roads, power plants, subways, cars - are built and produced with the participation of BNTU graduates.

Today BNTU is a real student city inside the capital, where more than 30 thousand students receive education every day, covering almost all possible technical areas. The educational process at BNTU operates within the framework of the "University 3.0" model, which represents a close connection between education, science and innovative entrepreneurship.

The geography of international cooperation includes more than 30 countries of the world - Russia, China, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Peru, England, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. The BNTU has the world's first Confucius Institute for Science and Technology.

BNTU is:

  • 17 faculties;
  • 9 colleges;
  • 7 institutes;
  • 28 research laboratories;
  • Science and Technology Park;
  • 20 innovative enterprises;
  • Startup School and FABLAB;
  • Pilot plant;
  • 18 hostels;
  • 34 food outlets;
  • 36 sports facilities;
  • Sanatorium-dispensary;
  • 12 cultural centers.

Our university has a developed sports base, and our student athletes are part of the national and national teams of the country, take part and win prizes at the Olympic Games and the World Universiade!


We keep traditions, we live in the present, we create the future!