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Rules for safe behavior on the ice for parents

  • Explain to your child that it is very dangerous to go out on the ice and talk about the dangers of playing on the ice;
  • Warn him not to approach water bodies and test the strength of the ice with a kick;
  • Do not play with your child on the ice, setting a bad example, because children copy the behavior of their parents.

!REMEMBER that it is necessary to teach a child to skate only on specially equipped ice rinks.

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What to do if a child falls through the ice?

A child is looking for a toy everywhere, and ice for him is an exciting fun with which you can frolic only a couple of months a year. Therefore, special attention of parents in the winter should be focused precisely on teaching children the correct and safe behavior near frozen reservoirs. But what to do if the trouble still happened?

If a child falls through the ice:

  1. Do not panic;
  2. Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations at 101 or 112 , inform the child by shouting that you are going to help him;
  3. Approach the polynya carefully, crawl in a plastunsky manner;
  4. For 3-4 meters, give the child any improvised means (stick, scarf, etc.);
  5. After you have taken it out of the water, warm it up, give it a hot drink.

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First aid for frostbite and hypothermia


When a person is exposed to dry frost or cold water for a long time, a general hypothermia of the body occurs. First of all, children are at risk of hypothermia, even if they are dressed very warmly, but are motionless, or walk in wet clothes.

External signs of hypothermia:

  • Trembling and chills;
  • Paleness of the skin;
  • Numbness of the limbs;
  • lethargy;
  • Loss of coordination of movements;
  • Body temperature 35 degrees and below;
  • Loss of consciousness.

Frostbite is very serious, dangerous and painful. It must be remembered that you can get frostbite not only in severe frost, but also in not very cold weather with high humidity.

What to do?

  1. If the child is cold, urgently see him at home or in any warm place!
  2. If the clothes are wet, change clothes and warm the baby gradually with dry heat.
  3. Place warm heating pads in the groin and underarms
  4. Give your child warm sweet tea, some bread or biscuits.
  5. If the child is unwell, you need to put him on his stomach or side, cover him with something warm and call an ambulance at 103.

You can freeze at any time a berry. For example, getting caught in a summer downpour, shuddering in the autumn wind, or standing at a bus stop in winter. Therefore, it is very important to teach your children:

  • Dress for the weather
  • Move to stay warm
  • Do not tremble (the more you tremble, the more you will freeze)
  • Breathe through your nose
  • Rub your palms together;
  • Do vigorous arm swings
  • Dance like an Eskimo (you need to stretch your arms along the body, spread your fingers and make sharp and frequent up and down movements with your shoulders)
  • Warm hands under armpits, wiggle toes
  • Rub nose, cheeks and ears with dry palms
  • Warm up, do not stop, so as not to freeze again!

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