Branch vacancies

Position Requirements Division of BNTU Contact phone numbers
caregiver Higher pedagogical education

Branch of BNTU "Minsk State Engineering College"

(Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya st., 25)

8-017-398-95-26, Human Resources Department;

8-017-398-93-22, Director's office;

8-017-275-22-36, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs;

8-017-398-90-66, Deputy director for educational work.

Head of military-patriotic education Higher education corresponding to pedagogical activity and experience of military service in the Armed Forces or in other troops and military formations (for those liable for military service) or mastering the training program for junior commanders and reserve officers at military departments of civilian institutions of higher education (for those liable for military service), or higher education and retraining in the profiles "Pedagogy", "Pedagogy. Professional education"
laboratory assistant Secondary special education