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Education at BNTU

We train specialists ( who have completed practice at existing enterprises ) for almost the entire spectrum of manufacturing enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

Mechanical Engineering and Transport,
Transport Communications
Metallurgy and Metalworking,
Architecture and Construction,
Instrumentation, Energy and Energy Saving,
Mining and Environmental Engineering,
Information Technology and Robotics - you will take all engineering personnel to BNTU!

Engineer, Automation
Engineer, System
Engineer, Electrical
Engineer, Electrical
Engineer, Electronic
Engineer, Energy
Engineer, Mechanical
Engineer , Civil
Engineer, Civil Process
Engineer, Real Estate Engineer ,
Engineer, Design Engineer,
Mining Engineer,
Design Engineer,
, - a specialist with training focused on the needs of production - this is in BNTU,

Marketers, Managers, Economists  are in BNTU, and in addition to their main specialty, they know the specifics of production in areas of study,

Architect, Architect-designer  - at BNTU,

Customs business  is BNTU,

And  the packaging  of your products is made by BNTU graduates!

For a more detailed acquaintance with the specialties and the training of specialists in them, the specialized sections of Faculties and Departments will help you.

Carrying out R&D (T) R and production of innovative and high-tech products (goods, works)

- application of multifunctional (wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-friction, corrosion) composite powder coatings;
- technology and equipment for applying functional, protective and protective-decorative nanomodified polymer coatings;
- polishing of materials using complex electrochemical and electrolyte-plasma effects;
- vacuum-plasma hardening;
- microwelding, electric arc plating;
- semi-automatic arc welding;
- production of medical products for cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery;
- medical ultrasound systems and devices for the treatment of skin cancer, treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome and dentistry;
- dental devices;
- implants and instruments for traumatology and orthopedics;
- production of woven blanks of medical products, blanks of stents;
- production work on cutting biological material;
- services for the production of prototype parts;
- a line of 3D printers for educational and industrial purposes;
- services, sale of equipment, spare parts, applied materials for light industry enterprises and more.

Provision of a complex of works, services of an innovative nature

- development of project applications, coordination, registration and implementation of innovative projects;
- expert evaluation of projects, development of recommendations;
- attracting funding from various sources, including within the framework of international programs, searching for potential partners for scientific, technical and innovative cooperation;
- development of business plans and financial and economic support of innovative projects;
- performance of high-tech work on the application of wear-resistant coatings;
- carrying out engineering works;
- scientific and educational activities: organizing and conducting internships, seminars, conferences;
- scientific and methodological support of innovative activity;
- advertising and exhibition work;
- intellectual property management;
- organization of technology transfer;
- a range of marketing services, including market research, brand development and promotion, promotion of innovative products, as well as for export;
- leasing premises for various functional purposes, as well as scientific, technological and production equipment.
- services for holding events (organizational work, audience formation, involvement of experts) and more.

Providing support to residents of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"

- assistance in the creation of production facilities for the production of new or improved products, the development of new or improved technology for their sale on the market;
- assistance in the implementation of foreign economic activity in order to promote innovations in the foreign market;
- provision on a contractual basis in accordance with the legislation of movable and immovable property, including premises for various functional purposes;
- provision of services for the preparation of business plans for innovative projects;
- organizing and conducting marketing research;
- assistance in attracting investments, searching for investors and (or) business partners;
- information promotion of innovations and (or) products, technologies, services, organizational and technical solutions created on the basis of innovations, by organizing the participation of subjects of innovation activity in holding exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other events, manufacturing advertising and information products;
- provision of services (performance of works) to the residents of the technopark;
- assisting in the creation on the basis of the technopark of small businesses in the field of innovation and the implementation of material, technical, financial, organizational, methodological, informational, consulting and other support for their activities.

Provision of services for product promotion, technology transfer for foreign and domestic partners

-   in the field of advertising and marketing: organization and holding of various types of business events (conferences, forums, exhibitions, exchanges of business contacts, etc.), consulting in the field of innovation and technology transfer;
-   in the field of education: organizing and conducting internships in the management of scientific and innovative projects and the formation of an innovative environment for an entrepreneurial university, organizing activities and managing the development of a technopark, innovative methods of processing materials and applying multifunctional coatings.

 Innovative products and services of the State Enterprise "Scientific and technological park of BNTU "Polytechnic"

Innovative products and services of the State Enterprise "Scientific and technological park of BNTU "Polytechnic" in the field of medicine ( product catalog for medicine );

Services of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic" for surface engineering "Multifunctional coatings" ( catalogue "Multifunctional coatings" );

Instruments and implants for traumatology and orthopedics of the State Enterprise "Scientific and technological park of BNTU "Polytechnic" ( catalogue "Instruments and implants for traumatology and orthopedics" );

Products and services of residents of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic" ( table with data of residents and their areas of activity ).