Sports and wellness

Sports and recreation complex "Polytechnic" BNTU after student classes and on weekends in sports halls provides paid services for the population.

Services of the BNTU swimming pool (B Khmelnitsky St., 9):

Phone for information: 8 (017) 293-95-77, 8 (017) 292-23-36 (pool registry)

Pool session schedule

 Mon.-Fri. 18.20; 19.15.
 Sat. 9.00, 10.00, 11.00
Sun. - day off

50-meter pool, 10 lanes (up to 15 people per lane), maximum depth Zm., minimum 2.1m., water temperature 25-26 C °

Only adults who can swim and teenagers over 14 are admitted.

Children aged 7 to 14 years old who swim confidently are allowed in the pool only if accompanied by an adult (father-son, mother-daughter) after writing a receipt in which the parent takes full responsibility for the safety of their child during swimming .



2. HAVE (according to sanitary norms, rules and hygienic standards "Hygienic requirements for the device, equipment and operation of swimming pools"):

  • - bathing suit (swimming trunks, swimsuit);
  • - removable shoes made of moisture-resistant materials;
  • - towel;
  • - body cleanser;
  • - washcloth;
  • - rubber cap (to prevent hair from clogging the water of the pool baths).

Before the first visit, an examination is carried out in the first-aid post, which is located in the pool body. Before entering the pool hall, take a shower (without a bathing suit) using detergents.

Payment for the pool paths is carried out by bank transfer after the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of health services. The cost of 1 track is 96 rubles. (calculation attached).

The cost of 1 session for one person is 8 rubles, a subscription is purchased for 4 sessions (visit once a week, cost - 32 rubles), for 8 sessions (visit 2 times a week, cost - 64 rubles), for 12 sessions (visit 3 times a week, cost - 96 rubles).

Payment for the pool service by individuals is carried out through a bank or Internet banking, a receipt for payment must be printed and called by phone. 8 (017) 293-95-77 (from 14:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday) for registration of a subscription. If there is a receipt for payment, a subscription is issued indicating the session and days of the visit, which can be obtained at the pool reception before the first visit.

Payment for the pool service is made through a bank (Internet banking, etc.) - ERIP - other services indicating "pool services" and "Name" (when paying by a bank not through ERIP, a commission is charged).

Requisites for paying for pool services:

Valid from 04/13/2019


UNP 100 354 447 

OJSC "ASB Belarusbank", Minsk,

Dzerzhinsky Ave., 18


r/s BY69AKBB36329016360135500000




Wellness services: swimming pool.

for payment via ERIP :

ERIP payments = Education and development = Higher education = Minsk = BNTU = Sports complex services = Swimming pool

in the field "receipt number " enter the date of payment in the format "", after clicking on "info" in the field "Name" enter "Surnames and O", in the field "Amount, BYN" enter the amount of payment in the format "rub. cop" and pay!

Wellness services are also provided for students, employees of BNTU, as well as for everyone:

- Subscription groups for Thai boxing under the guidance of a coach.
- Subscription groups in aikido, sambo, judo under the guidance of a coach in the judo hall.
- Children's subscription karate groups under the guidance of a coach in the karate hall.
- Subscription groups for wushu, qigong and other martial arts.
- Lessons on the ski track with the issuance of skis.
- Classes at the rink with the issuance of skates.

Sports equipment rental points: st. B. Khmelnitsky, 9 (building No. 11b) Kulakov Valentin Nikolaevich

Payment for services is carried out by bank transfer according to the approved price list.

Contact Information
Director The address Phones
Shcherbakov Vladimir Ilyich Independence Avenue, 65,
sports complex No. 1, room 35
(017) 293-95-77