Education Quality Monitoring Department

The Education Quality Monitoring Department, being a structural subdivision of IIFEME, plans and organizes monitoring studies in the field of education.

    Monitoring is a specially organized, permanent targeted control, diagnostics and analysis of the state of education based on the systematization of existing sources of information, as well as specially organized research and measurements.

    On the basis of the order of the Rector of the University dated October 28, 2009 No. 4717, BNTU conducts internal monitoring of the quality of students' knowledge in the disciplines: mathematics, physics.

The tasks of internal monitoring of education are:

  • implementation of intermediate control of student progress and the quality of education (conducting independent intermediate control cuts to assess the knowledge of BNTU students in various disciplines);
  • analysis and comparison of the results of knowledge assessment according to the last document of education, the results of centralized testing, intermediate knowledge control conducted by IIFEME and the final one (assessment given by the examiner during the session);
  • obtaining data indicating the level of quality of education;
  • analysis of a number of comparable indicators of the quality of education by groups, specialties, faculties and the university as a whole;
  • formation of a database with the results of the evaluation of the educational process in various specialties;
  • organizing the preparation of students for the certification of the university.

Systematic monitoring of the quality of knowledge, carried out at the university, allows you to observe, correct and predict the progress of each student in his knowledge, and also provides the necessary information basis for making informed management decisions aimed at improving the quality of the educational process.

Internal monitoring of the quality of education at BNTU is carried out in November and April of each academic year.

The Education Quality Monitoring Department offers its services for organizing and conducting monitoring studies in the field of education:

  • collection of information about the object of study (indicators of the quality of knowledge at previous stages of training);
  • diagnosing the quality of knowledge in individual disciplines;
  • assessment and interpretation of diagnostic results;
  • analysis, systematization, comparison and structuring of the obtained empirical data;
  • providing information on the results of monitoring studies.

Address:  Minsk, Independence Ave., 65, educational building No. 3

Phone: ( +37517) 331 73 32

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