Council of BNTU

Secretariat address:  Main Campus(1), Office 205

Tel.:  338-77-83


BNTU Council: University Governance

The Belarusian National Technical University Council (BNTU Council) serves as the university's main self-governing body, responsible for addressing key matters related to BNTU's activities.
Leadership and Composition
The BNTU Council is led by the Rector of BNTU, Dr. Sergei Vasilievich Kharitonchik. The Council's current operations are coordinated by the Council Secretary, Ms. Elena Vasilievna Bertosh (Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor), with technical support provided by Ms. Svetlana Nikolaevna Komlik.

Guiding Principles and Activities

The Council operates in accordance with relevant legislation, including the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus, the Regulations on the Board of an Educational Institution, and BNTU's governing documents. The Council's activities for the current academic year are guided by a Work Plan, approved annually by the University Council.

The Council comprises a diverse group of 68 members, including representatives from:
1. University Students (18 members).
2. University Departments, Heads of Structural Divisions, Teaching Staff, and Other BNTU Employees (50 members).
The list composition of the Council is approved by the order of BNTU from 18.02.2022 № 14-P (in the edition of orders BNTU order No. 14-P dated 02/18/2022 (as amended by BNTU orders No. 35-P dated 05/16/2022; No. 41-P dated 07/06/2022; No. 58-P dated 09/07/2022; 10/19/2022 No. 67-P; dated December 22, 2022, No. 87-P; dated January 10, 2023, No. 04-P; dated March 20, 2023, No. 190; dated October 4, 2023, No. 58-P).
The BNTU Council's activities for the current academic year are guided by a Work Plan, approved by the University Council (Protocol No. 10, June 30, 2023).

Address:  BNTU, Main Campus(1), Office 205

Tel.:  8017 292-77-83